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A young curly coated tabby cat with long white whiskers is perched precariously on top of a thin coated laundry hanging rack, which is only partly open. She is sideways on to us along the rack, looking to our right.  Behind her is a bright window, table lamp, and wooden chair.
I can’t figure out what to do next

I’ve been a bit absent on here lately, for a few reasons. The first was that the server I host my site on was having issues with attacks which caused it to be intermittently offline and was very frustrating. In time they got it sorted, but then, just as all was back to normal, I got ill. It’s nothing serious, but has kept me from doing anything that wasn’t urgent. I’m getting back to normal, slowly, I’m glad to say. So this is a fun post to say I’m still here.

You don’t need to worry about me, though. As you can see, I have lots of help with household chores. Zaz couldn’t quite work out how to put up the laundry rack, though. I suggested she just stick to cleaning the dishes. Or take up tightrope walking. You just can’t get competent help these days! I am considering asking the agency for a more experienced replacement.

There has been another post since the last time I sent out emails. This one features “The Band” at our wedding, which will not be what you expect, I think and there is a video song to enjoy as well. Take a look here:

See you soon, friends.

A young tabby cat is perched on thin metal bars on a partly folded laundry rack, looking to our left.  behind is a room with sofa, bright windows,  wood floor and a blue laundry basket. There is also an erected laundry rack whose arms are raised so they almost look like wings on the cat.
What do you mean? I’m perfectly comfortable.

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  1. Sorry to know you were ill, Ellie. I send you my warmest wishes for a total and quick recovery.
    A lovely picture to cheer your mood up ( inspite of the help not being up to the mark!) and it’s good to feel your humour.
    Take care, Ellie.

    1. Thanks so much for the well wishes, Françoise. I do feel better and even got out for a lovely long, but cold walk yesterday.
      Laughter is always the best medicine, at least it helps us feel better, I know. Now I have a lot of catching up to do. Of course!
      Thanks again, dear friend.

  2. I’m happy to hear that you are feeling better. Take things slowly and recover completely so don’t have any setbacks. Nice help you have there. The important thing is the desire to help and the rest will come with time as you enjoy documenting the fun events.

    1. Thank you, Carmen, I am taking your advice, but as you know, taking it easy isn’t in my genetic makeup. Still, I am doing my best! And it must be working as I do feel better. She’s so cute that I am happy to put up with her incompetence. Ha ha!

  3. Looks perfectly at home to me. The look is more one of guilt, I think, than panic; more “I hope i don’t get caught’ than ‘how do I get off of this thing?’.
    Cats do have 9 lives for a reason and Zazz may have more than that.

    1. Merci, Patricia, bien sûr je dis d’accord! J’aurais dû tout traduire, mais peut-être qu’un photo n’en a pas besoin!

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