Beach Home for Sale. Great View of the Bay

 (if at times a bit close for comfort)

The red cliffs along the bay of the Minas Basin, off the Bay of Fundy are constantly being whittled away by the relentless daily tides and the wind and weather. Many of the residents whose cottages are perilously close to the cliff edge have paid huge sums of money to have rocks and even giant boulders piled at the base of their properties in an attempt to slow the steady erosion of their land. 

The interesting results of this natural sculpturing are rock formations and caves that have been carved out as if by troglodyte builders, preparing dwellings for miniature people to inhabit. This particular one reminds us of a real sculpted giant shell which is in the town of Sarlat, near where we used to live. I imagine every tourist who has visited that town has a picture of his children inside the walls of that shell. Do people take photographs of their children in this? Possibly they do, but I doubt that many venture very far along this beach to discover these tidal caves.

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