A Jump in a Snowbank Always Makes a Border Collie Feel Good!


Joni's favourite season has always been the winter. As she was born into a Canadian December, her first trips outside were into the snow and the cold and even as a young pup she loved it and never wanted to come inside, preferring to brave the cold wind and snow to play and run than to be indoors looking out the window at it.

Her new favourite winter pass-time is to jump onto snowbanks, digging around in them for any small creatures that might be hiding under the covered vegetation. Here I just caught her as she leaped joyfully over a bank that was partly covering a holly bush.

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Early for #woofwednesday +Woof Wednesday with +Sandra Nesbit and +Debbie Drummond
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  1. +Marc Briggs​ I always do. Whatever my day is like, it's always improved by some time playing with Joni.
    They know how to enjoy themselves, +Shelly Gunderson​​ -thanks!
    Thanks very much, +Ursula Klepper​​ – I can imagine that Mira would, too. You can have some of our snow, with pleasure. Although I do like some, it's just that last year gave me a different feel about it.

  2. +HQSP Animals and +Andy Smith thank you so much for the comment and the reshare!

    Thanks a lot +Stefanie Schächtel !

    Thanks so much +Marie, LMB – oh, yes, she was in high spirits, as always in the snow. 😀

    And she knows that I'm just as likely to do that, +Alex Lapidus you are so right!

    +Christina Lihani thank you very much, I liked the holly, but to be honest it distracted me from posting the image of her that I really preferred. Which is going up shortly!

    Thanks as always +Sandra Nesbit and thanks to the +Woof Wednesday team for the reshare and the Joni feature image on the page! I love to hover over the page name and see her looking out at me. 😀

    Thanks a lot +Sumit Sen

    Thank you, merci beaucoup, +Giselle Savoie

    Thanks a lot, +Debbie Drummond and ditto on the Woof Wednesday comment above. 😀

  3. Ellie …. gees the snow again and so it is over 12 months since we were there with you … Just home tonight from the sub Antarctic and a week driving New Zealand … 83k on the port side so yeah …
    Aussie soil is wonderful …..

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