Winter Feathers

Feather - Ellie Kennard 2012
Feather – Ellie Kennard 2012

It is winter again and the birds are looking for feeders and for seeds and leftover harvest to glean. We have fed the birds for 20 years but now no longer do so. We had a warning about a disease spreading via birdfeeders among the finches in our Province of Nova Scotia. Although winter was apparently not considered a high risk period for this disease and many people began to put their feeders out again, we decided against it. We had too many fatal instances of bird strike and we just couldn’t bear it each time it happened.

We still see the birds, but in the trees and bushes around us, we just have to keep watching for them. 

This photo was originally taken in a snow storm in 2012, of a chickadee flying toward a feeder and about to land. I submitted it for a Scavenger hunt entry in that year for the theme “Feather”. It got awarded 1st prize from one of the judges, which I was delighted with, especially so early in my photographic journey. I have rescued the photo to 


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