Well… I Thought it was a Plant

I had begun to see less and less well as I got closer to my eye surgery, but I was determined to get a photograph of a flower or plant for the week's theme. So I called into the local florist's shop and asked if I could photograph the flowers and plants. They were happy to oblige, saying that the flowers were in the cold room at the back, but the plants were in the front. I thought I would try the plants and was so delighted with the hanging spider plants that I spent my time photographing the little spider babies. They all looked so healthy and heavy with baby plantlets that, when my phone rang and I had to get on my way, I decided not to bother with the flowers but to go with one of these photographs.

It was not until I got home and got these onto the computer that I saw that…. they were not real. They are fabric. I am just so glad that I didn't buy one, which I had been tempted to do. Or comment on how easy they were to care for… which I might have done. :-/

Hopefully I will be seeing much better, very soon, now that my surgery is done. Time will tell. 😀

#WeeklyPhotoProject2013 +Weekly Photo Project 2013 curated by +Andrew Willard , +Iain Harley and  +Tiina Niskanen
Week 48: Flowers or Plants

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  1. I really feel for you there, +Sharon Stone – our eyes are so precious. And we feel so keenly the lack of clear sight. Thank you for your good wishes, too. They are very tired now, so I see multiples of things. Useful if it is money (except then I find I only have half what I thought…. LOL) but not useful when it comes to other things.

  2. +Ellie Kennard, I sincerely hope your surgery works! I probably say at least once every day, I wish I could see. I can see, just not well. I never wore glasses until I turned 40 and my eyes have gotten progressively worse due to age which is why they told me I wasn't eligible for surgery. They may have something new by now, but I haven't checked. Sorry for rambling, just wanted to say I hope you're able to see better soon!!!

  3. Lol Ellie! I always put automatically my fingers on the plants, to feel if they are real, because sometimes this kind of flowers or plant look so real! :o) it can only get better with your eyes! xo

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