We Two Are One Too – 40/365

  We Two Are One – Eurythmics (Full 30 minute video which has great memories for us from our time in France Eurythmics – We Two Are One Too )

It's great to have an outdoor activity that we can do together, when the weather permits. The good falls of snow we have had lately, along with the bright sunny afternoon on Sunday prompted us to don our snowshoes and head out across the fields that lie just behind our house. The air was brisk but the bright sun cast long shadows ahead of us. You can go anywhere with snowshoes, wherever you fancy, as you can't damage any crops at this time of year and the open fields and woods all around us invite exploration that wouldn't be possible in the summer.

(Joni is too small to come on such long walks at this point, so she was sleeping soundly when we left.)

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