Victoria Park Fountain, Halifax


Another photo from my day spent at the summer craft market (NSDCC). After my period of volunteering on the information booth was over and while I waited for Steven to finish his inspections with the Standards Committee, I wandered around the park, which is really just a narrow strip of grass and stately trees between two city streets. The focal point is this little fountain. At the moment it has unsightly roadworks on all sides and a single photograph would not have done it justice. This is a composition of multiple exposures, showing it in its full glory.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
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  1. This is so very beautiful…and the then I read its story. I so love how layering , which one would think would make things look complex, actually can strip off the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and show the beautiful essence that lies beneath. Thanks for this!

  2. +Magy Duarte – yes, I did try it with some success, though not as gorgeous as some I've seen. The flower ones I have done I am happy with. I went all around them but stuck to 6 exposures, more got too messy for my taste, at least on my own.
    This had several views, though I don't think I walked all around it. It was 9 photos in all.

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