Tutorial: How to Shake a Stick at a Seagull – Part 2

Shaking a stick at Seagulls
Now down to business.  (Part 1 is here if you missed it https://www.elliekennard.ca/practice-session-one)

1. Locate your peaceful flock of gulls where ever they may be.

2. As you will be fairly well camouflaged in your outfit, pretend to be walking casually towards them, with no ill intent. Get as close as you can.

3. As soon as you notice the first signs of attention from the lookouts, run as fast as you can towards them, waving your stick as high in the air as possible, screaming at the top of your lungs.

4. Duck and dodge the flying fallout as fear will scare the **** out of the more timid ones. Hence the need for a good hat.

5. Get your camera busy and capture this great sporting event. Enjoy!

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  1. +Dusty Gedge I'm not falling for this again. Last Saturday and the Saturday before and the Saturday before that people have tried to convince me #seagullbuttsaturday  was a non-themed theme with non-curatoring curators which existed only to stare at seagulls butts all day only to find out later they are non-curators for a non-theme on saturdays.

    While this is a really nice image of a man obvious disillusion while shaking that stick at a sky, I'm willing to bet he's in on this non-themed theme #seagullbuttsaturday  trying to trick some people into become non-curators just so they can justify why they stare at screens searching for seagull butts when people tell them they are there. Crazy people, doesn't exist!

    Hey, I just noticed there's really big snow flakes in this image but there's no snow on the ground. That's really weird.

    Full Disclaimer: I was infected with the RGW virus  a few weeks ago. I'm not sure if I'll fully get over it. It's lethal, to say the least. I would suggest anyone who sees seagulls butts on saturday to seek immediate medical attention. When arriving at the hospital, just mention +Robin Griggs Wood and they'll know what's wrong with you and provide proper care.

    -Good day

  2. I don't understand…. A man shakes a stick in the air and nothing….. Am I missing something here…. Is he angry because there's a storm coming and he's trying to scare the clouds away. That would be silly, if true.

    Anyways, great tree line and texture in the clouds. 

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