There is no Good Time to Say Goodbye

There's no Good Time to Say Goodbye - Ellie Kennard 2013
There’s no Good Time to Say Goodbye – Ellie Kennard 2013

On my walk with Joni a while ago I took this as I loved the gentle bowing of the Queen Anne’s Lace heads at the end of the season and their soft tones and colours against the late summer grasses. Now it seems that we are having to say goodbye in a different way. 

Joni, our 13 year old border collie that some here will know as my faithful companion on my photo walks and from our many photographs of her, has been diagnosed with a brain tumour 6 weeks ago and so we know that our time with her is coming to an end. It is becoming more apparent that it is progressing now, sadly.

 I will miss her loving companionship and faithfulness more than I can say. I am (we both are) spending as much time as I can with her these days, getting my work done too, so I have not had as much time to spend with my G+ friends. Hold on to the special moments with your animal companions. They will be the warm memories that will stay with you long after the pain of loss has dimmed.

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  1. I dislike communities, they killed interaction and I only joined the photo one for a bit of fun. You're not missing much! I don't post very often, I am more of an intermittent observer.

    I genuinely understand what you are going through with Joni. I think we talk about Poppy nearly every day, but always with laughter, never with sadness. But this time of waiting and knowing is just horrible and my heart goes out to you both.

  2. Thank you for that kind comment Loraine. I have thought of you many times this last period with Joni. There is no doubt that the vet is right, but she is hanging on and refusing to give up, as you know a border collie would. She recovers in between seizures, though I can see it takes a toll (on us as well, of course).
    By the way, I have you in my 'notify' circle so that I can get to see everything you post, but didn't realize that you were posting at all until I went to your profile. I don't get notified of your community postings because, although they are public, they don't count as I am not in those communities. Shame. (Not a fan of communities for that reason. My stream is the poorer since they started.) And I can't comment on them, either, of course.
    +Loraine Slessor

  3. Thanks so much +Heiko Mahr – you remember my friend Joni from my mentioning her on the mentorship, I am sure. The hardest thing is that when she has recovered from the seizures she has, she looks and behaves as though nothing is wrong. It's so sad to know that something horrible is happening to her inside. But good to understand that she does not anticipate, does not fear, only knows 'happy'. And between seizures she is happy. We are the sad ones.

  4. Thank you so much +Rekha Rao – I know that you followed Joni and I on our 366 progress last year. Fortunately she is not aware of any problems and when she has seizures she is completely oblivious. It is harder for us than for her. We won't allow her to suffer. Just have to know the time.
    +Marilou Aballe – I very much appreciate your kindness. Thank you. They are our family. The good times will balance these hard ones in the future memories we have.

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