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I am delighted to say that following requests from persistent readers I have begun to record my stories in audio format on my site’s new “Tell Me a Story” page: Each story can also be downloaded from my Podcast page: https://elliekennard.ca/podcast/

Each audio file is also on the original story page. That way listeners can view the images that accompany each story while they listen.

Martha’s Farm is the latest one to be produced in audio format: https://elliekennard.ca/podcast/marthas-farm/.

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Ellie Kennard – Ellie Kennard
Writing by Ellie Kennard – readings of stories of my reflections on my life in Canada, England, Finland and France.

47 Responses

  1. What a fabulous idea, Ellie! My son, very dyslexic, gets all his info through his ears. It’s not only fun, but to some, a wonderful service.

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback Sandra. I hoped that it would be an idea that would make my stories more accessible. And the fun side is that it means that if someone wants they can take them with them on their mobile devices!

  2. +Beena R Yay! I have no way of seeing how many people subscribe to my channel, so thank you for telling me. I hope my voice is not that monotonous and you don't get lulled into sleep while driving, because if so I will feel terrible that it caused an accident!

  3. Excellent news! I have subscribed to your podcasts through iTunes.. Now I hope I don't fall asleep behind the wheel because listening to your voice is like listening to a lullaby :))

    Not really, it is captivating and takes me along!
    +Ellie Kennard

  4. +Prue Stopford that is such a lovely thought! I imagine you and Hugo, heads close together in front of the radiogram, listening for the next episode.

    I hope some people subscribe, lol! It's a bit like having an exhibition of artwork all hanging and wine and nibbles ready for the opening and nervously waiting to see if anyone turns up! But I'm happy even if they don't, because I did it!

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