Roses in the Vineyard – or Farm Friday Tomorrow! Be There or Be Square!

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If you see roses in the vineyards (in Europe at least) don't think that they are just to add a splash of colour. They serve a very useful purpose as they will alert the vineyard owner to the presence of mildew. This attacks the roses first as they are more sensitive to this disease than the vines. This early warning allows the cultivator to prepare a solution of copper sulphate (bouillie bourdelaise in France) to spray the vines to protect them. In Nova Scotia, where I found these at the Habitant Vineyard near us, I doubt that they serve the same useful purpose, but are decorative, I suspect. I stand to be corrected if someone else knows better. 

Get your farming photographs ready for tomorrow everyone! We on the Farm Friday team – myself (+Ellie Kennard), +Steven Kennard  and our own Danish 'Farm Girl' +Sofie Løve Forsberg are already getting our overalls on and getting geared up to share your wonderful images with our great #farmfriday  theme! Don't forget to mention the page ( +Farm Friday) as well as each of the curators and to tag your post with #farmfriday so you will be a part of the farm party we have planned for tomorrow!
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also serves for #floralfriday +FloralFriday  by +Tamara Pruessner