Sharp and Clear and Soft and Fuzzy – 31/365

Some things in life are sharp and clear. Some things are soft and fuzzy. When I was a child and had a fever, the fever dream I had was of having a soft, velvety pillow to lie my head on, which, as soon as I relaxed onto it became hard and spiky. I still remember that dream and can feel the horrible shock of it.

Soft and gentle can be good and can help relax and heal. But sometimes soft and fuzzy can obscure the sharp and clear. As long as we can see them for what they are, there is room for both in our worlds. 

The first month of of 2014 is over in my 365 project. 11 more months to go. When I started this project I had no idea that I would have a young and bouncy puppy to cheer me, to play with and to take on my walks. So the year is off to an excellent start.

This is not a macro, but I know how much my friend +Robin Griggs Wood loves feathers. I also want to thank her for her kind and generous spirit. So, although not a macro, I am mentioning  #MacroFeatherFriday by +Robin Griggs Wood +E.E. Giorgi

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