Surf Scoters (95/365)

The last of the wildlife photographs for today, this one was another 'lifer' for me, as I had never seen surf scoters before this trip. They were spotted off Corkum's Island, very near where I saw the snowy egret, on "First South".

I was very taken with the faces of these diving ducks (see a couple diving on the right side), as they had wonderful markings that reminded me of a fashion statement that is made by some young people. They put a huge grommet in their ear or nose and it looks as if it is a round black hole. I find it a rather odd look for a human being (and I have had trouble trying to stop staring at it when being served by a shop assistant sporting one or more of these). For a diving duck it seems somehow just right. 

(You have this photograph instead of one of construction work, as somehow I think you will find it more interesting!)

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