Steven and Joni – 47/365

I took lots of photographs of different scenes on Sunday, which was a very snowy day, but in the end this one is one that I liked best. Joni is not easy to keep still these days, so family portrait times are limited. Just Steven and his dog, having a playtime break. It made a pleasant change from Steven having to be out in the cold, the snow and the wind, clearing the drive. Joni didn't mind being out in the cold, the snow and the wind. But of course everything is play for her at the moment.

Joni plays with the blue ball in a different way with Steven from how she does with me. For him she will actually run in a low, border collie stalking run after the ball when he throws it across the kitchen, bouncing it off a chair (!).  After picking it up in her mouth and running past him a few times , tantalizing him with it, she drops it between his feet as he sits there on the edge of the hearth. Yesterday she tried throwing it at him as she does with me, but in the end decided that this wasn't going to work the same way with him and reverted to more 'normal' behaviour.

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  1. I do, too, +Christina Lihani – she knows how to push our buttons, I know it.

    Thank you +Sumit Sen 

    +שלמה ארגוב – small world, isn't it?

    You know she does, +Joyce Fay 

    No pictures of the woman and her dog, +Janet Patterson – which is probably as well.

    +Ursula Klepper – I would love to do a little GoPro video of that. The question is how to get enough light in the kitchen. It is a plan, though. I will let you know if when it happens.

    Thanks a lot +Shelly Gunderson 

  2. Nice portrait of both! Oh I love her ears!! Now I hope to see soon one with you and Joni! ;o) ♥  (You can maybe do a short video of ho she is playing?) … but first get strong enough!

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