Random Shapes and Shadows (98/365)

On this particular day I was just lying on the sofa when I saw these interesting shapes created on the floor by the sun and shadow. They really appealed to me so, for no other reason than this, here they are.

I am a little confused by the fact that I think that I am on number 98 of the 365 (according to my figures) but G+ albums tells me there are 105 images in it. Very odd, too much for me to work out at this point.

I am working at the moment at particularly challenging work on Steven's website (with a shop component, so people can buy his work online and a few new things). So other fun projects have to be put aside for the moment.. Joni still gets her games (but outside, with lots of running on her part) and the building work is progressing, but we are still in a building site.

I had hoped to post two images today, but time has run away with me and I am going out tonight. Good intentions fly out the window, let's aim for two tomorrow! Night all. 😀

#365project +G+ 365 Project by +Simon Davis-Oakley +Patricia dos Santos Paton

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  1. Ellie do you think we count the days? well I don't. you can put any number you want to your post, I believe you! … light paints often cool things in the shadow!

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