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In album Weekly Photo Project 2013

Originally this was a photograph of day lilies about to flower. Then this fly landed and its colour was so perfect that I have turned it into a photo of him. Is this a stretch to qualify for 'animals' theme? Well it is part of the animal kingdom, so he will do.

#WeeklyPhotoProject2013 +Weekly Photo Project 2013 curated by +Andrew Willard , +Iain Harley and  +Tiina Niskanen
Week 28: Animals

And it surely is a Sexy Fly! for Sexy Flies  curated by  +Shane Williams #sexyfly +Sexy Flies


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  1. Oh i see! 🙂 I'm still having a hard time distinguishing the two :/ Bahaha no offence to u ma'am, but i actually visited there first and then drive by u'r feeds! 🙂 I love that squirrel shot!


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