Painting the Trim-118/365

Window trim has been custom made and now is in place and complete on one window (the rest has to wait for other work in other areas). Steven was painting this yesterday evening. It's so hard choosing colours of paint. So far we are happy with our choices. Swiss Coffee on the walls (Behr) and Almond Whisp. Sounds as if you could eat it. This is the eating end of the kitchen. For those who don't know. Lighting is all in place, with wireless remotes! Very convenient, not so many wires to pull through, so cheaper for electrician.

#worldofworkwednesday +World of Work Wednesday by +Rick Castillo

#365project +G+ 365 Project by +Simon Davis-Oakley +Patricia dos Santos Paton

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  1. Good for you moving home evolution a step forward. It has always seemed a bit odd to me, with as much change in the human lifestyle as we have had over the past 100 years, how little our homes have changed.

  2. The painting man is the best, as I am sure you guessed, +Ursula Klepper . I have learned patience from many such building site homes in the past. At times I wish we had not started it, but it is like giving birth … when you wish that, it is too late to change your mind. 😀

    Thanks +Giselle Savoie  

    +Sumit Sen  – thank you!

    This has been set up so intuitively that it is not at all difficult to see which is which, +Darion Jackman – happily for me. 🙂

    He is an intense painter, +Susanne Stelle  – a perfectionist painter which quality shows in the finished product.

    +Jacqueline Hodsdon  – You will have to contact his agent LOL! – and thanks.

    Haven't we just, +Beverly Wong-Kleinjan? – thanks, my friend.

  3. My mother has a similar system that controls a bunch of lights and the ceiling fan. To my knowledge, they never figured out which button controls which light 😉

  4. This looks good! I mean both the colours and the painting man! Lol! he seems to be very concentrated … :o). So sorry to hear that all this is going to take soo long …. I am not at all a friend of building sites! It would drive me crazy!

  5. +Shelly Gunderson – your bathroom sounds equally delicious, and a tiny bit decadent. Love it!
    +Darion Jackman – well the remotes are not expensive if you have to replace them (and the lights are not dependent on them, as there is a wired switch on the other side of the room), but the point is that they look like switches on the wall. They fix onto the wall. So you wouldn't know they were wireless (or remotes). 😀
    +Heiko Mahr – the rest of the work still is looking very undone. It's only this end (and only this corner of this end) which is almost finished. :-/ The rest will probably take until the end of the summer. Or later. The party is still a ways off.

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