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  1. +Ellie Kennard, Yesterday's app was Map My Walk. I don't like that it tracks my location even when I'm not using it. I realized that I didn't download My Tracks yet. Instead, I had something called Map my Tracks. For apple devices there seems to be several MyTracks and I don't think any of them are the same as the one you recommend. The creators of those I can download are:
    zhao guo, Dirk Stiching, and yet another by Softmachine.

  2. +Sandra Nesbit I didn't have much time to select one and had to edit it on the laptop which isn't great for viewing. And I had taken loads on Friday but had no time to download them from the card. They'll be there for another time….

  3. You nailed it +Ellie Kennard!
    I'm still up in the air with the apps. I used one today that looked like I'd shut if off but it ended up tracking the drive home. It's funny, but different people on the hike had different apps and no one seemed completely happy with theirs.


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