My posts have gone missing

Edit: Post is now back in place! Thanks to G+ for finding and restoring it.

It's easy to know if a post is missing when you are doing a 365 project. In this case I was looking for a posting. The photograph is there in the album (I did not upload an image without making a posting about it). But the post is missing. #26/365. That is the one I found to be missing. I have not checked others, but I am pretty sure that there will be others.

How do we recover missing posts, I wonder? This was an issue that was around in 2012, which seems to be ongoing.



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  1. Thanks for that info, +Yonatan Zunger – I had heard of people missing posts but it wasn't until I searched for a particular one that I realized that it had happened to me and was able to be sure of a posting date etc. As soon as I reported it, pretty much, it reappeared. Coincidence, it would appear. 😀

  2. +Ellie Kennard When a post goes missing, it's typically a sign of a transient error in the post indexing system. The post itself is still there, but the request to the system for "please list all posts by <author> in <time period>" is partially failing. Since the underlying data is still fine (that system is very robust) then as soon as the hiccup is resolved, everything gets back to normal.

  3. Yes! It has reappeared. Thank you very much whoever made it reappear, and thanks to +Yan Tseytlin for letting me know. I know it wasn't there before because the same search turned up nothing. And the scan through my entries had a gap, which is now filled. Thanks a lot Google! A happy Plusser here!

  4. I've had this happen over the years and after complaining the post auto-magically reappeared.

    The PITA is that I had to search G+ for then using my name (in this case your name) and see what is returned.

    I've tagged you with my latest WTF to G+.



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