More Haste Less Speed


Sometimes a busy day can make you feel as if you are being sucked into a vortex, everything going faster than you want. Then, right in the centre, when things seem at their busiest, there is a still, quiet place and you can catch your breath, look around you and just enjoy the quiet.

I hope you all have a colourful, calm, productive weekend, with friends or family, just enjoying life as you can.

This post and image is in celebration of three of the still active, favourite themes featured by the +Public Calendar of Daily Photography Themes.

because this is entirely suspicious, the colours resembling those of a famous coffee shop seen through a distorted alien mind, (though a day late): #AlienAbductionFriday +Alien Abduction Friday by +Irene Kato +Alex Lapidus +Karl Geiger Jr +Janice Hackney +Jetski

#unsharpsaturday #softfocussaturday +Unsharp Saturday v2.0 by +Alex Lapidus +Julianne Bockius +Jetski +Patrice Christian +Nadia Cantou-Pewinski
#colorsonfriday +ColorsOnFriday by +Britta Rogge +Karsten Meyer
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  1. It looks that you have overcome the speed of light as the light streaks stops… A common phenomen – the only problem is that after crossing this barrier some might feel like all time is stopped.. 😉
    Wonderful work +Ellie Kennard

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