Molly in the Sun – 10/365

Molly in the sun - Ellie Kennard 2014
Molly in the sun – Ellie Kennard 2014

You can almost tell the time by your cats on a sunny day. They are always to be found wherever the sun is strongest, soaking up the rays and the warmth. Molly had a wonderfully faraway look this morning with the bank of windows reflected in her eyes. The bright light is all the stronger, reflected off the white snow outside.


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  1. I changed that, +Jacqueline Hodsdon to say "very involved in the lives of their owners." And she would be involved in yours too, given half a chance.
    Oooh I can't wait to see the new ones. Can you mention me in the postings in case I miss them? Please. 😀

  2. She is a true marvel +Ellie Kennard .  I love the unusual and you captured her very well.  And, a little confused.  Very involved in "my" life or "yours"?  Grin.  And thank you about my cats.  I need to start taking more photos of our new additions.  They are a hoot!  Wishing you a lovely weekend.  🙂

  3. Thanks a lot +Jacqueline Hodsdon – I will tell her! Molly is a Cornish Rex and they are very unusual, with short hair that is curled like a marcel wave. Sweet natures, very involved in the lives of their owners. If a bit needy. (which suits us :D)
    Gorgeous shot and what a striking cat you have!  :-)

    Merci beaucoup +Page de Paul Paradis 

    +Ursula Klepper – I have now also put you in my Notify circle. That makes 8 circles you are in. 🙂 Including one where I am notified of everything you post. A bit like a 'stalking' circle. But in a good way. She has lovely eyes, for sure.

  4. Curently lovin' two myself 😀 One is mine and the other is kind of a drifter :/ But he's mostly hanging around our place so not much of a drifter 🙂 Cheers ma'am, have a fantastic weekend!

  5. Thanks +John Kampsen – you don't need to scratch much below the surface of a domestic cat to find a wild creature!
    +Martin Matejic – you are right, she is most definitely the serious hunter. Rupert is much more laid back. But then a female would need to be, to look after not just herself but also her kittens. And thanks a lot, sir M. I know you are a lover of cats yourself. 🙂

  6. That look is serious! I bet there's no a single mouse around u'r place madam E! lol 🙂
    And i deffo agree, cats are like solar panels in that way, they like any kind of warmth, wheather it's natural or artificial. Great snap of u'r little friend ma'am! 🙂


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