Legs Heavy with Pollen

This bee looks almost as if he is wearing jodhpurs, his leg sacks are so packed with pollen. If you look at the centres of the flowers, you see the ones that he has stripped as they are almost white. The ones waiting for his visit are the same golden colour as he is carrying on his legs.

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  1. Take advantage of his knowledge, pick his brains +Karen Cooper these older people with their expertise and experience are like gold dust (and getting rarer). I love to see the photos of your garden, the plants are so beautiful and Keith (and you?) take such gorgeous photographs of them.

  2. Thanks +Ellie Kennard   happy to bring a smile to your face. The garden is till a work in progress and while strictly is over a 100 years old, it is only 5 years old for us. I have a couple of plants that have to come out at the end of this year as they're not suitable for the space and are taking over to the detriment of other plants (the first plant I ever planted – a lovely hot pink Azalea has been bullied by an over-zealous Bleeding Heart and will need some serious TLC to save it). I need to find some plants to fill these spaces that will survive in our small, shady garden but will flower and attract even more pollinators. Will have to call on the expertise of my dad – also know as The Head Gardener – who has over 60 years of gardening experience behind him.

  3. Thank you so much Sofie! I'm glad you like it. +Sofie Løve Forsberg 

    And we get it direct from the farm, +Susanne Stelle – pure and unpasteurized. 😀

    Thanks a lot +Sumit Sen 

    +Gopal Satyamurty thank you.

    +Sunny Wu thank you Sunny

    +שלמה ארגוב nice to see you. (I don't see a comment, just your name, maybe the characters are not showing on the comment? but thanks anyway.

    That is wonderful, +Karen Cooper and I really laughed out loud. The bummed one works for me, but thanks so much for the translation! You are the best at making up names for the the animal and insect kingdoms. Remind me to call on you when I need such a service.  No one needs Latin names. when we have you two I'm glad your bees are busy in the urban locations, too. Where there are flowers… the bees will follow.

    Thanks Becky! +Becky Humphreys 

    +jkey b thank you

    I'll see what I think about them in October +Joyce Fay – is it mainly the colour, or the spindly black bits on the ends? or the lumpy jodhpurs?

  4. Lovely shot and what a gorgeous flower – seems to me that this is a busy bee who doesn't know when it's quitting time. Hope she managed to get back home with all her excess baggage :0)  

    The bees have found their way back to us again this year and are currently busy making use of the raspberry blossom. It's lovely to share our small urban garden with them. We seem predominantly to encourage bees with little white "tails" and what looks like a rather fetching spiky ginger wig – they are therefore affectionately known in our house as White Bummed Ginger Wigged bees (translated for Transatlantic readers as White Assed Ginger Wigged bees – sorry if this is indelicate). Who needs latin names ?

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