Leaves in Waiting : Impressions of a Silk Flower Maker's Craft

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This past weekend was the annual Summer Craft Market of the Nova Scotia Designer Craft's Council (NSDCC). I spent part of the morning volunteering at the information booth as I try to do every year and the rest of the day I wandered around with my camera. Next to the info booth, a wonderful milliner Edie Orenstein ( +Edie Orenstein ) was demonstrating the traditional art of making real silk flowers. She was passionate about her work and while she explained the various procedures involved in making these wonderful fabric leaves and blooms she lit up with the love of her craft.

I took some images of my impressions of her work and they are in blur mode as they were multiple exposures, but they give an idea, I think, of the delicacy and beauty of some of her creations.

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