Just Because This Makes Me Smile

There is something about this image that made me smile at the moment I first saw the scene and then the photograph. It’s hard to define, but it’s undeniable and I would not want to deny something that brings happiness simply in being.

I hope it brings some joy into your Friday and lingers over the weekend, too.

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  1. +D Stuart you got the elements pretty well covered. Glad it started for you, too.

    +Rekha Rao it's that 'je sais quoi' element at work in it. It's amazing that it did the same for you!
    What a happy image, what a happy scene, to make us all feel happy inside +Sofie Løve Forsberg

    Another of the same beach, different topography and elements, +Linda Villers and this time all having their own fun. Brings back happy childhood memories, I think. Though I don't recall beach memories as a child. It must come from deeper inside.

  2. It just made me smile as well (before even I read your post's text). I was thinking what is that making me feel that, but can't get any words out.
    Love this photo 🙂

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