Joni and Gabi – 39/365

Joni has fans in real life too. Gabi and Brandon came to meet her and brought her this little toy, which, of course, she loved, and she loved Gabi. And Gabi loved Joni, as you can see. We had a lovely evening. Good friends and a border collie puppy. It doesn't get much better than that around here.

I'm catching up with my project – have taken the pictures but am slow in posting (slow in most things at the moment, lol!). I'll get there, though. 

#365project +G+ 365 Project by +Simon Davis-Oakley +Patricia dos Santos Paton

Dog Days  curated by  +Nancy Claeys +Dog Days
Dog Lovers Worldwide – DLW  curated by  +Robert SKREINER #dogloversworldwide +DOG LOVERS Worldwide
The G+ DogPark  curated by  +su ann lim +J.C. Kendall #G +DogPark +The G+ DogPark
Woof Wednesday  curated by  +Kana Yamashita #WoofWednesday +Woof Wednesday
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  1. She looks like one there, that's for sure, +Susanne Stelle – but actually that poor little stuffed animals is almost completely without any limbs at all now. She has chewed it to shreds, as she has almost all of her cute toys!

  2. I wish you could +Janet Patterson – and she just does. Just a natural. She went out before her lunch today for a brief photo shoot (actually on another mission, but I took advantage) and added another to the two I took this morning. In them all she is looking straight at me. But BCs are supposed to be constantly watching their master, aren't they? In case of instruction.
    +Heiko Mahr – it was indeed.

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