Joni – 9 weeks

One more, just because everyone needs a happy puppy picture sometimes and you can never have too many puppy pictures. Especially my friend +Loraine Slessor who didn't know we had a new Joni.

+Dogs GALLERY  #dogsgallery   curated by +Heinrich Wagner who is so supportive of my photography. Thanks a lot Heinrich!

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  1. +Linda Stephens  – she is indeed!

    Isn't she, +Marleny Suazo ?

    Not much is sweeter than puppy breath, is it, +Christin McLeod ? – When we learned from her breeder that she was related, it just made her more perfect.

    I think she really has grown, +Heiko Mahr ,  you are right. You can share my happy puppy images in your life as much as you want, until you are able to get your own dog. But of course she will not be a puppy for long. 😀

    They do have very innocent looks, don't they +rita lynch?

    Thanks Bev!  +Beverly Wong-Kleinjan  

    +Ursula Klepper  – no, she truly was just sitting, almost as though she was thinking some lovely thought. This was why I could not take the time to get my flash gun. It was just a case of pushing the IS0 up and grabbing whatever I could get (hoping she would stay still at such a slow speed!) 😀

  2. This is such an adorable portrait of Joni!! You must have promised her something very special to keep her sitting there so lovely! I can see it in her eyes: she can't wait to get it, look how she is asking!! ;o))

  3. Oh +Ellie Kennard – I am so sorry about your loss. It is extremely painful to lose a member of the family. I'm sure your fuzzy companion is looking down from heaven, happy for you that the house is being filled with youthful furbaby energy again.

  4. +Richard Ball and +Jacqueline Hodsdon I hope so – and she deserves every one of them! 😀

    😀 Thanks +Shelly Gunderson 

    I knew you would like her sir M! Thanks +Martin Matejic 

    +Joyce Fay – I know 🙂

    Thanks a lot +pio dal cin – now we see why they advise actors who are serious about their careers to never act with animals or children… 🙂

    +Loraine Slessor – I am too.

    +Jennifer Tackman – yes she is. No bleeding ankles yet. Just much shorter shoe laces. (How did that happen without my knowledge??) We had a border collie for 13 years and lost her in October to brain cancer. The house was too empty and sad without her. We finally caved in and bought a relative of hers.  They are such a wonderful breed.

    She is a natural poser, +Janet Patterson – I didn't have my flash on the camera as I had come in from doing something and she was just sitting on the hearth apparently in deep thought. It was a gamble that paid off. If she had moved it would have been horribly blurred as it was a slow shutter speed. We are in love too, you had better believe it. And thanks.

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