It's Farm Friday Tomorrow!

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Yes, once again it's time for you to take part in our great weekly Farming Related theme. Post your farming photographs mentioning our team of curators – +Steven Kennard , +Sofie Løve Forsberg (farm girl extraordinaire) and myself, +Ellie Kennard as well as mentioning the #farmfriday  theme and the page itself +Farm Friday – that way your great contributions will get maximum exposure, enthusiastic comments and even get shared on the page!

And do include comments if you can – please tell us what you want about where it was taken as well as any other interesting info as we are just plain NOSEY here and we want to know all about them!

These wonderful wild grapes were growing in great profusion on the side of the road next to a harvested field in Arnprior, Ontario. It was raining, but the rain just seemed to make the golds, reds and deep purples stand out even more against the dark golden fields.

Happy Farm Friday everyone!

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