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Sharp Focus on Blur : Graduation Plus Post and Album Share

And so it comes to an end NO to a START of a whole new way of thinking and taking photographs. And I can see clearly how blur and unsharp techniques can do so much to focus attention on what I want my viewer to see and experience. I have learned that sometimes the blur itself is enough to express the emotion I feel (see the dancing tractor image, or the abstract wet lights in the night images in the album). Sometimes the blur leads our eye to the subject as in the delicate details in the petals of the frozen flowers or softly lit paeony. Sometimes it helps to set mood as the dark and mysterious one in the photograph of the rusting car wreck in the middle of a dense forest or the light and frivolous one in the candy coloured flowers.

So the power lies in knowing not so much how but when and why to use this wonderful new skill. I have written many things over the past few weeks to express my feelings about what we have been learning in this mentorship. We have gone through a period of such intense creativity and inspiration, more than I have ever experienced before, that, frankly, I have been loathe to write this post. I didn't want the experience to end.

And of course it won't. It is a beginning of a new creative period in my life. I have personally discovered my ability to use my eyes, my tools and my skills to share my vision in a new way, unique, I hope, to me. Thanks to what I have learned from the main mentor +Alex Lapidus and his helpers as well as my fellow mentees, I have grown as a photographer in a way I never dreamed possible. I can't properly express my gratitude to everyone, I just hope they feel it through what they (and you) see in the joy expressed in these images in my album.
(Click on the first image to browse through the album seeing each of the 12 images full size)

And Alex? I called him a bully (and other names 😉 ) but every name was really a term of affection. He has a wonderful ability to sense the potential in each of his students and make sure that no one stops short of achieving that to the full. I hope that eventually he makes up his sleep debt. I know he got no more than an hour or two most nights over the past 9 weeks.

Thank you to the +G+ Mentorship Program for Photographers and +Robin Griggs Wood who was the originator of this wonderful program for photographers on G+. Robin has been behind the scenes (or front and centre) in many of the mentorships I have taken or helped to give on here and without her I would not be writing this post, nor taking these photographs at this point.

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  1. +Sharon Woodward as you know we all feel that way about each other. A solitary mentorship would have lacked the depth and creativity that we got from the inspiration we all gave each other. I am so glad to have been on this journey with you. Thank you!

  2. +Simon Jeffery Hi Simon, thank you and I apologise for taking so long to reply. Some of the images were in-camera multiples, some were blended from single images in Photoshop and some were a combination of in-camera multiples blended with separate images. The tractor is an example of the latter.
    Some were not multiple exposures at all, but taken with different techniques to produce the blur. But I think you knew that.

  3. Glad you completed it and learned alot from it! These are some really stunning shots that prove your points in the write-up. I hope to be able to make time for one of these mentorships next year (this year I am swamped with stuff)

  4. Delighted that you have enjoyed your recent learning experience – and that we can look forward to even more in this vein.
    Love the work you have done so far and appreciate your write ups. Great and, as always…
    Thanks for sharing

  5. Staggering beauty +Ellie Kennard​, every one a work of art! Congratulations!! I see we have an optional assignment from Alex – as if we could refuse 😊
    Thank you so much for your help and instruction throughout these mentorships my friend.

  6. +Byron Sheldrick I feel also that it has been a pleasure and a delight to work with everyone in this mentorship, as well as the wonderful CBBA ones. As I said somewhere else, it's a terrific symbiosis and we all feed off each other's creativity. It is the best part of these memberships, don't you think?
    You never know, we might get to your neck of the woods. Steven is in the process of booking a tour there in the spring, though I don't know the clubs yet.

  7. This is a wonderful post and a wonderful album! Congratulations dear Ellie, I am really amazed on where you moved on to! And what is more fascinating is that you have infected me and I would love to learn also how to do these all! I hope there will some time be another possibility for me to learn it!

  8. A wonderful post and such a fantastic album +Ellie Kennard. It was fantastic getting to know you during the CBBA3 mentorship where you were one of the instructors. The opportunity to continue to work with you during this mentorship was such a pleasure. I love your sense of artistic vision, and your commitment to photography and helping those around you. I'm sure we'll continue to interact here on G+, and hopefully sometime in person.

  9. I love how you've connected the meaning and objectives to the techniques used in your images; the post and album are as filled with intention as with beauty. It's been a special time for me too, and amazing to see what you've discovered and accomplished within this short time. Now there's much more time available for you to explore, and hopefully I can help maintain a bit of momentum :-).

    One more note, on ancient history: WAY back when, +Randy Jay Braun offered to mentor a small group, including Linda, and he also created the Mentorship Program as a framework for enabling others to more easily offer to mentor. Over time, he felt he was too busy to build it further, and handed the lead role to +Robin Griggs Wood, who has created much of what the Program is today (along with current program director +Ron Clifford, former director +Tamara Pruessner, and now I'm helping as a director). So many people have given so much to this community; it's a great pleasure and an honor for me to be able to contribute.

  10. Congrats on the Mentor-ship completion. Interesting images and great use of blur. I have never been a big fan of it but I like the ways you have utilized it. I usually like something sharp in the image even if I use some blur but you have shown like with the chairs image that blur can work with the whole thing. Nicely done!

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