Hunter’s Moon, Super Moon Over the Minas Basin

Hunters moon, Supermoon over the Minas Basin- Ellie Kennard 2016
Hunters moon, Supermoon over the Minas Basin- Ellie Kennard 2016

We had a fun time, Linda and I, planning our trip to try to photograph the Supermoon which was also the Hunter’s Moon this month. We chose the location to try to get the reflection of the moon in the little water that would be visible at one of the lowest tides, if possible. We also hoped to get some cliffs in the scene, but I miscalculated the position of the moon and it rose in a different place from where I thought it would so we only have the tidal flats and water in the scene. (Note to self for next time: calibrate the device for the app before using it if you hope for any degree of accuracy.)

This was the night before the full moon which was the best for getting some light into the landscape as the sun set just before the moon rose. The next night it was much darker as the sunset was half an hour before moonrise and it wasn’t possible to see much foreground.

I liked this one with the colours of the fading light from the setting sun which just showed a hint of the foreground detail and warmed the sky. The atmosphere on the horizon gave the moon the reddish tone.

We had a few other little technical difficulties which meant that most of the images from that night are not usable, but every photographic session seems to be a learning experience and we plan to try again next month on the 13th, putting into practice what we learned from that evening’s results. And I have in mind a setting where we can get some cliffs into the scene as well. What we have to hope for is the same clear weather on that night, though a few wispy clouds would work nicely, too!

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  1. Beautiful shot, Ellie! I’ve been enjoying looking at the moon the past two days, it’s been so pretty. I look forward to next months shot.

    Take care,

    1. Thanks so much Sharon. I plan to get a bit of practice in before then. It becomes easier as it is earlier every day. But it is getting a lot colder too, which is the downside when you are hanging around on the shore with freezing fingers!

      1. Ugh! We don’t have cold weather yet, thankfully! I guess you can’t wear big gloves when you’re taking pictures šŸ™
        Have fun though!!!

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