Heat Seekers – 48/365

So yesterday morning when I was up early, putting wood on the stove to get it going again, as I turned to do something else I heard a loud bang. Some build up of gasses had caused the top of the stove to lift off and had ejected the gasket ( which is a furry, ropey thing that you put in between the top of the stove and the stove body to insulate it and form a sealed join). This was not a disaster, but it meant that I had to get a replacement gasket for Steven to put into place. So, (and this was approaching a disaster for some of us) we had to let the stove out for several hours so that it would be cool enough to put this new gasket in place. The wood stove is pretty much all we use to heat our house, so this meant that bit by bit the house got colder and colder.

When you have two heat loving cats who often spend most of the day lying behind this hot wood stove, this is obviously not going to make them very happy. I looked around for them yesterday afternoon and here is where I found them. This is a bag that has a heated pad in the bottom and a thermo layer in the top. Usually they sit looking out of it, enjoying the view. Yesterday was obviously a protest and I think that Molly's tail was as expressive as the two backs facing me.

For my #365project +G+ 365 Project by +Simon Davis-Oakley +Patricia dos Santos Paton and not much else. Oh yes. #cornishrex   #cornishrexcats  +Cornish Rex curated by myself.

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