Green Slimy Custard, Egg and Bogey Pie – 6/365

Of course it's not custard. It's pond scum. And I/we eat it. Or rather I drink it. Has anyone got any problems with that?

(Maybe I'm not such a coward after all.)

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  1. +Virtud N. Yes!

    +Tai Mi – yes, it can be. But now I wonder if perhaps it is not good for me. It is an immune booster and I have an auto immune disease. I might have to stop taking it. 
    I buy it from Bulk Barn here, it is Organika, Organic Spirulina in a powder which you can probably find online.

    +Gatto NineNineNine 😀

    +Bette Kauffman  – you are right. And it is supposed to be very good. Look up Spirulina. But it might not be so good for those with autoimmune disorders as it builds the immune system up. I will have to do a bit more research.

    Bette Kauffman
    Yesterday 4:49 PM
    Merci +Ahmed Asry 

    +Jesse Martineau – it is indeed! 

    Yes, Janet, it is a kind of pond scum, but not the kind that grows on ponds generally. It grows in very alkaline water and is cultivated (can be grown at home, too.)

    +Sumit Sen – I bet you have!

    +Mari Luukkonen – it's a lovely colour, though!

    +Ursula Klepper – yes, it is supposed to be eaten every day. But maybe not (see above.) :-))

  2. ahhh….excellent for you! but calling it "spirulina" sounds so much more appealing than "ponD scum"! 😀

    the colour's gorgeous!

    where did you purchase it from in this powdered form?

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