Flowers on the grave

Flowers on the gravestone - Ellie Kennard 2013
Flowers on the gravestone – Ellie Kennard 2013

All dreams have to be buried in time. You dress them with bright flowers to hide the truth from others. But the only bright thing you see are the unshed tears.

Photo taken and originally posted in 2013.

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  1. A poignant post indeed! This frame tends to tug at my existential side, that side where I react to the here and now in the fame. Yet it revives in me a myriad of issues that exist somewhere in my memory. This duality creates an exquisite tension that might not be quenched by my exhortation of a lengthy novel Therefore in the interest of time and the limited space available, I have chosen to simply say, What a magnificent frame you have posted here, Dear Ellie! The only thing I might have done differently is to render the scene in B & W and retain the red.

    1. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment, dear Paul! I really appreciate it.

      It’s interesting that you would have treated it as b&w with just the red. I intentionally did not go that route, as I felt it was stronger this way. At first glance it almost seems as if it was treated that way. A closer inspection reveals that it was not. The scene is just that bleak. It is drab, grey, and only broken by dull spots of brown and green here and there. Except for that splash of red. And that red is fake. The flowers are plastic. The poignancy is that they must be fairly newly laid there as the elements have not faded them.

      Thanks again, Paul! It’s nice to hear from you.

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