Flight of Silken Flowers


In setting up my photograph for this week's Black and White project, I had played with a silk print using various lighting and techniques. One of the effects that I particularly liked was this, taken with a slow shutter speed and intentional camera movement (blur). I was partly thinking of the mentorship that +Alex Lapidus​ is beginning soon, where he will be guiding the (fortunate) chosen participants to play with such techniques to produce just this kind of effect. The colours in this were way too lovely to desaturate them for a black and white image, so I am posting this as it is, in glorious colour. Abstract, but still obviously floral in design.

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#unsharpsaturday #intentionalblur #photoplay #camerafun #colorsonfriday +ColorsOnFriday​ by +Britta Rogge+Karsten Meyer


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