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Last Monday night we attended the opening concert of Feist's 2014 tour. She played solo, but honestly, she was so excellent that she practically was the band. Her performance started off with quiet acoustic, then simply went from strength to strength. I didn't want it to end and obviously no one in the sold out audience wanted it to either as she had two or three encores. Believe it or not, each was better than the last. My one regret was that she did not sing one of my favourites of hers, which is a song by another of my favourite singer songwriters, Ron Sexsmith. You can see it here: Feist – Secret Heart (Paris)
Thinking of my friend and another musician, +Lynn David Newton who might not have met one of our favourite Canadian singer songwriters.
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I didn't take this photograph on the night of the concert, but instead took it on Thursday night, using my special app that turns it into a submission for #SketchguruSaturday – the fun curators +paula contreras  +Christina Lihani and +Amanda Wyckoff 
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  1. You are so welcome +paula contreras – it was fun to do.

    Thanks +Christina Lihani – I hope you enjoyed it.

    Thanks for that lovely comment +ted kelly – I'm glad you enjoyed all of it.

    +Sumit Sen – thanks a lot.

    Thanks +Lora Lee Chapman 

    Thanks so much Ursula. I love it when friends like the music I like, too. I had a great time at the concert. +Ursula Klepper 

    I'm glad to have introduced you to Feist, +Lynn David Newton she is one of our favourite artists along with another Canadian you might (or might not) have heard of (Ron Sexsmith). I love the music of the musicians you mention, at least most of them. I just listened the other night to an interview of Diana Krall (married to another of my favourites, Elvis Costello) by Elton John. She is another really natural person/performer. And so talented.

    Thanks very much +Heiko Mahr 

    It wasn't a 'shot' except a screenshot, +Oscar Lovett – but I was pleased at how it turned out in the app. 😀 Thanks.

  2. It took me a couple of days to get around to checking this out. Yep, you caught me on this one. Had never heard of Feist before. I jumped over to YouTube and found a mix of quite a number of songs, beginning with "Undiscovered First (From the Basement)" followed by "The Bad in Each Other", both of them excellent. I'll definitely have to add this mix to my Watch Later queue and catch some more of it.

    One thing that struck me on the video of the first song is how incredibly normal Ms. Feist appears, and also the members of her band on that track, unusual in this day and age, when so many musicians believe that to get attention you have to look and act like a freak.

    Canada has generated so many of my favorite musicians: Joni Mitchell, The Band (4/5 of it), Diana Krall, Oscar Peterson … if I thought long enough I could name a dozen more I'm sure.

    Thanks for that lead.

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