Eccentrics, Because Aren't We All a Little Eccentric Sometimes? – 62/365

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  1. +Christy Evors – yes, lovely sights in the cold can inspire us to go out to enjoy them. Thanks.

    Thank you +Ralph Mendoza 

    Merci beaucoup, +Magistral – j'espere que ca va bien!

    Thanks very much +Gisela Heeg 

    +Jean-Noel Nicolas – thanks a lot. 

    Thank you +Minna Serula 

    +Sumit Sen – thanks very much, Sumit.

    Good description and much less abstract than the one I used, thanks a lot +Christina Lihani 

    Thank you +sara momin and hello to you.

    Exactly so +Heiko Mahr 🙂

    Those same icy fingers are still here, still jutting out sideways and still hanging on, though I suspect not for long. It has been -20 last night, so the rather steep climb up to -1 is a bit of a shock. +Janet Patterson 

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