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  1. Thanks a lot +Sumit Sen 

    Thanks so much +Nimi Rajesh – I hope you are doing well!

    Thank you +Craig Szymanski – it's like looking into a Lilliputian world, when you open the file up and take a close look.

    Thanks very much +Ursula Klepper 

    Thank you +Janet Patterson – it's true, you only get an inkling when you see them without looking closely. But certain situations are ideal for taking the time to really examine these little worlds.

  2. It does, +Shelly Gunderson – thanks!

    I loved the shiny look too +Linda Stokes 

    🙂 +Jacqueline Hodsdon 

    Thanks +CWAME DOMPREH 

    3-d look at least, +William McLean – thanks!

    +Susanne Stelle – I focused manually, so that the screen behind was not sharp. I wanted the dark shadow of the tree behind, but wanted the drops in the front window were in focus where the drops on the back of the window were not. If you know what I mean. There were others, but this was the most successful, giving me the effect I was after. I'm glad you like it. Thanks for the interest.

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