Powerful Tracks : multiple exposure – Ellie Kennard 2016
Powerful Tracks : multiple exposure – Ellie Kennard 2016

We are enjoying a trip visiting friends and family and the time spent sitting as a passenger can be such a lot of fun when I decide to play with the light and the scene and the camera. This was taken using multiple exposures (6) and an ‘additive mode’ for the technically minded. The resulting file was then inverted (as if it was made from a positive into a negative) which gave this interesting result. To see the full size image go to my website: and to the website gallery:

Enjoy your Sunday everyone, if you are travelling or staying at home.

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  1. Oh my, Ellie, you should do more like this. It’s so creative and unique and interesting. Just love it!

    1. Thanks so much Sandra! I have another few and a finished one waiting in the wings! It’s not everyone’s taste, but I love the fun and freedom of creativity that the process allows. It’s encouraging to read when someone likes the result.

  2. Off the top it looks like I'm going down a ski slope :)) every now and then I also look at the inverted result to see if I like it better than the original. .certainly it's a blur!

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