Day: 1/365 – Self Portrait

I am looking forward to my 2014 project of a photo a day, so thought that a self-portrait would be a good way to start the year. You can see by my serious expression that I am determined to see this project through. 🙂 I hope to see some of you on the same journey this year or just watching from the sidelines. 

+G+ 365 Project  by +Simon Davis-Oakley  +Patricia dos Santos Paton  
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#womenwednesday +***** by +Niki Aguirre +Scott Detweiler


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  1. Thanks a lot Sumit! +Sumit Sen 

    +שלמה ארגוב Thank you!

    +Gina Beck – right now in the middle of a blizzard so that fire is working overtime! Thanks 🙂

    Dear +Mari Luukkonen – you are very sweet. Thanks so much, and by the way I have even more snow to send to you if you want it. The temperatures are not too bad today at -13C, so you can have that too, if you want. 😀

    +Ursula Klepper – thanks very much my friend. This fire is what heats our whole house, so it is not only cozy and lovely looking, but also a hard worker in the winters!

    +baran bahari – thank you

    +Derek Trixie Kennard – Steven says you will have to kill him first! (My first marriage proposal in over 32 years!!!)

    Thank you so much +Heiko Mahr – I really enjoyed my 366 in 2012 (most of the time, at least) so am not too scared! 🙂

    Thank you so much +renee Q 

    +ROMAN FLORES GARCIA – thanks Roman

    +Carole Surey – I hope we will be able to keep in touch with you globe trotters! Speak soon, maybe.

  2. I also will watch from the sidelines! That's the perfect start for such a project and you really look determined! Lovely selfportrait!! :o) I love fireplaces! unfortunatly we don't have enough room for it…
    I wish you good luck for all your plans!! xo

  3. +Page de Paul Paradis – merci beaucoup – et salut bien à vous même.

    Thanks very much +Janet Patterson – we're off again! I hope you're joining me on this project and creative journey again. Somehow a self portrait seemed right to start. After the next 363 photos we will have to see what seems right to finish!

    I will watch out for you on the sidelines +Donna McClure and thank you!

    +glenda torrence – now that the weekly photo project is over (in which I lost momentum) I wanted something to get me going again. That firewood was for probably 1.5 days or so. At present temperatures and with the wind, the fire does need to be turned up to keep the house warm. Thanks for the comment. 🙂


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