Darling Buds of May (109/365)

There are more signs of spring, even in the cold and damp. And every one is encouraging. Every one makes us feel just that little bit less tired and worn from the long hard winter. Every bud and bloom tells us that there has been sun. And that there will be more. And heat? Yes, even heat. And blackflies. And then mosquitos. Keep positive, keep positive.

#365project +G+ 365 Project by +Simon Davis-Oakley +Patricia dos Santos Paton

HQSP Natural Other  curated by  +Anja Wessels +Jean-Noel Nicolas +Valesa Diamontes +Daniel Taylor #hqspnaturalother +HQSP Natural Other

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  1. Thanks +Shelly Gunderson – I am doing my best to send some your way. 😀

    Thank you Ursula, I am holding onto that thought (we have some warmth and sun today!) +Ursula Klepper 

    Thank you Sumit!

    We have indeed, thanks +Leslie Sutton – a hard winter makes us appreciate good summers even more.

    Thank you so much, +Roque López 
    To be honest, I am not sure. I think it stands for High Quality Shared Photographs. I put some of mine up with their themes in hopes that they like them. I find the team is so supportive and encouraging. I don't know how they find the time, honestly!

  2. Great pic Ellie, nicely captured. I'm glad your feeling the joys of spring, you've had a hard time of it this last winter in Canada.
    Hopeful of a good summer for all of us!!!

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