Diaphanous Crocus

Diaphanous Crocus- Ellie Kennard 2016
Diaphanous Crocus- Ellie Kennard 2016

We only had one patch of white crocus this year, so I decided to take several exposures of it and combine them to give one of my favourite effects, which I think distills the essence of the plant, while giving a translucence and delicacy to the flower petals. Spring is supposed to be on the way, but with the world weather patterns shifting there is every chance that we might end up once again buried under mounds of snow. Well, perhaps not every chance. And hopefully no chance at all. Please. Just some sun and warmth. With no black-flies or mosquitoes. (I can dream.)

Enjoy your weekend, whatever the weather!

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  1. …and the crocus was so happy, so very happy with Spring, it just couldn’t help but multiply.

    Lovely image, Ellie!

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