Last Dregs

A young tabby cat with black and brown and red curly hair and very big ears has her head buried in a metal 1 cup measure. She is standing on a black and grey granite surface. Only one of her legs is visible.
Last Dregs

Zaz lives in a home where there are no dairy products, nor meat, but she has found her favourite tipple – hemp milk! She waits impatiently when she hears me stirring the milk jug before pouring out the measure, then has to lick the spoon (both sides) then the measuring cup. This treat comes second only to the pleasure of licking out the lentil pot! If she could get her head out of the cup she would wish everyone a great Caturday!

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Molly Waiting for Supper

The image is mostly black and white, except for the yellow eyes of the cat. She has black curly fur, with big ears but very short whiskers we can barely see. There is patterned and hatched wallpaper behind her. She looks a little cross, or maybe just hungry.
Molly Waiting for Supper

Molly wasn’t really as cross as she looks, but I seem to remember she was giving me the look that says “feed me soon or you’ll be in trouble”. I had probably got distracted, so I deserved ‘the look’. Happy Caturday to all, hope yours is a good one and any distractions are good ones.

In the Sun

Rupert in the barrel in the sun
Rupert in the sun

Rupert, a red tabby Cornish Rex, loved this carpet-lined barrel placed next to the window in the sun. He used to watch everything that was going on in the garden through the screen. Those who knew him still talk about him, remembering his lovely character. Happy Caturday all!

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