Arthur's Visit to Nova Scotia-146/365

That's tropical storm Arthur, in case you wondered…

For those who are wondering what the destruction was like and why it took so long for power to be restored to so many customers in the Maritimes, I thought I should post this picture. (Again, out of order, but who cares? Not me.) There were many downed power lines and phone lines caused by the huge number of trees that fell. This translated into a loss of electricity for up to 5 days (see +Steven Kennard's post here for exactly what that means in this region). A good friend of ours even put his back out badly hauling water for his family from a nearby stream. Roads were blocked by fallen trees and the loss of telephone land-lines put at risk those people who have no mobile/cell phone coverage in their area (quite a lot near us) and the elderly or those who choose not to have such phones but might have been in need of medical attention. 

Power and the phones were restored, but in seemingly random ways. One family had the electricity restored to their house but not to the one next door. So they ran an extension cable to 'lend' electricity during the outage. Our neighbour called to offer to share his generator with us, if we needed it, to keep our fridge and freezer from thawing. People helped each other and got on with life as best they could. Now comes the cleanup. _Oh, and don't touch the red wire! 😉 This was taken the night of the storm when there was a lull.

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So one for  #powerlinefriday +Powerline Friday by +Natosha Davis and for my friend Charles at  #cableicous +Cableicous by +Charles Strebor
#365project +G+ 365 Project by +Simon Davis-Oakley +Patricia dos Santos Paton

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  1. +Donna McClure – it was sad to see the destruction, though it is the natural result of storms, for sure.

    +Natosha Davis – nuts it was. And almost a full week before all of the power was restored.

    +Sharon Stone – I spoke wrote too soon as I then found out that many were not back on power for almost a full week.
    Joni was fine, didn't seem to mind it much at all. Some animals can be pretty nervous. She barks at the sound of fireworks and at the thunder we had the other night, too.

    Thanks +Cableicous and for the reshare. Yes, we survived thanks +Charles Strebor – with plenty of mess but no permanent damage.

    +Jasbir S. Randhawa – thanks very much. All good now.

    It was pretty bad, +Heiko Mahr – now just a bad fading memory.

    +JOHN MICHEL MUKADI – I guess.

    No damage to the house, thanks +Ursula Klepper and all doing well thank you.

    Thanks a lot +Christina Lihani 

  2. So glad everything is restored. We had that happen here in Cincinnati once. We don't normally get hurricanes, but for some reason we got the tail end of one. We were lucky, only out of power for two days, but some of my neighbors were out for a week, as was my work. I had to go to a different site to transcribe from tapes since our system was out too. Glad you're safe. How's your puppy? My dogs hate storms.

  3. Yikes!  I guess I never realized exactly where you are.  My neighbors are from there!  They are wanting to go up for a vacation this summer but are waiting for electricity at their new summer home.  Looks like maybe it is good they are delayed.  Stay safe!

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