Summer Street Sunset

A darkening evening blue sky is shown above pink sunset reflection clouds that are low on the horizon. The full moon, not large, is directly above a tall tree that stands above the others around it in the middle ground. There are trees to the left of the image, low flowered bushes to the right and a dirt road or drive curves to the left behind the bushes.

A sunset moon to wish you all a peaceful weekend ahead, friends.

An evening walk down quiet Summer Street at sunset can bring such pleasure, with fields on one side and a full moon and reflected pink clouds on the other. This was a phone photo, proving that the best camera is the one you have with you.

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  1. Beautiful shot Ellie! So peaceful and inviting.
    I’ve been missing your fabulous photos… so happy to connect with you again.

    1. It’s lovely to hear from you as well, I’ve missed the contact. I hope not to overwhelm, so I won’t notify of every posting. It’s always worth a check to the site if you want a photo fix!
      I’m glad you like my peaceful moon. The same one shines on us all. I find that comforting. Hugs to you both.

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