Late Bloomer

A pink rose is fully in bloom, with petals very slightly curling and drooping. Some of the veined petals are beginning to brown a tiny bit. from the frosts they have had. There is a new, deep pink rosebud with opening green sepals, showing promise of another bloom. The background is a dark green of the indiscernable leaves behind.
Late bloomer

This one I could not resist! It was taken today, in the below freezing late fall weather. This beautiful rose bush was featured more than once in my Flower a Day project, so today when I knew I would be seeing it, I made sure to have my camera with me, and I wasn’t disappointed. It does seem unlikely, that such fragile blooms would be so cold hardy, but I really got a lift seeing all the bright roses and in particular this lovely bloom along with the promise of another to come. I hope you all have a bright day.

You can visit my Flowers Gallery here, to see more blooms.

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    1. Someone said that a gift from one person to another can change the world. I don’t expect this gift to change the world, but if it brightened your day, Françoise, that’s enough to make me happy. Thanks.

  1. I can relate to this theme, Ellie. Although perhaps the true late bloomer is that tiny bud nestled in close to the opened blossom, possibly seeking warmth and shelter against the oncoming cold. Also, it reminds me of two good friends looking out for one another when one is feeling strong and the other maybe not so much. Love the image and my good friend too.

    1. That’s such a beautiful comment, thank you, Janet. I have decided that it’s not the timing that matters, but the blooming. As long as it happens! And your good friend loves you right back!

  2. It is lovely and very surprising to see it at this time of the year. Love the detail on the petals. Such a soft colour as well. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I know, isn’t it a treat at this time of year? I had seen these a few weeks ago when I had to go to the same place, just hoped that they would still be there, and they were! A last burst of their soft beauty, I guess.

    1. Thanks Jim!
      I love your Queen Anne’s Lace, still hanging in there, as well as the last hurrah of the Sow Thistle. I even appreciate the remains of ones that have moved to a different stage, lovely even now.

  3. I will keep this in my inbox for the upcoming grey, snowy days when I dream of seeing these blooms again!!! Thanks for the joy, Ellie!

    1. Thanks to your roses, I have something myself to come back to, when the cold wind blows, to bring me joy as well. Thank you for your garden (and your comment), Erin.

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