It’s Over

A vibrant red sunset streaks between dark clouds low over the treeline in the middle distance. The foreground is a dark, barely discernible mowed field  with low, wild, tangled bushes on the left of the image.
And the Sun Says Goodbye

On my walk last night, I caught flashes of this amazing red sunset through the woods. I ran fast as I could, cutting through thick brush and trees, getting caught in brambles, almost tripping over fallen branches to stumble finally into the field as the scene was coming to a climax. I had my headphones on and was playing “It’s Over” by ELO.

Imagine seeing that sky, at this time of this year in Nova Scotia, with snow forecast for the next day and hearing these lyrics: “Summer came and passed away, Hardly seemed to last a day But it’s over and what can I do? …When you kick out the sea and the sun says goodbye” (ELO) I’ll forever hear that song when I see a sunset and will always now see a scene like this when I hear it. Have a lovely evening or day, friends. Until the next one.

Listen on your preferred streaming music app here: If you want to watch the official video, the link is here

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    1. Thanks, Janet, it was worth getting scratched up to see and capture it. I’m only sorry I didn’t have my camera and had to make do with the phone.

  1. Another amazing photo. And that was quite appropriate to be listening to that song. It is a wonderful memory to have an an amazing view to recall. ❤️

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