Brown Eyed Susan Visitor

A flower with mostly yellow petals radiating out from a brown cone centre has an orange, black and white striped bee on its centre. The petals look as if the brown centre has leaked onto the yellow, staining them brown for a little up towards the tip.

Have a great day, friends! This brings me memories of my Flower A Day project, combining two of my favourite subjects – wildflowers and insects, particularly pollinators. This beautiful splash of yellow petals, stained with rich brown attracted me as much as the bee feeding on it. These flowers appeared one year in a field, never to reappear, so I was so glad to have captured a special time.

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  1. The bee is the perfect compliment to brown and yellow of the flower, judiciously placing its yellow body in the centre of the brown section of the bloom. A model bee…in every sense. Excellent capture, Ellie

    1. Thanks Jim. I searched on iNaturalist for the flower but had trouble finding it as it wanted to find the bee, of course. In the end I did find photos of brown eyed Susans with such staining so was happy to go ahead calling it that. Funny how they came up one year but never again. Probably ruined by racoons digging up that field. Now we have foxes and the racoons have been less active.

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