While You Were Sleeping

A sky with what look almost like quilted clouds is lit by a rising sun which shows orange on the hotizon. There is a blue fading from pale to dark as it goes higher above the trees in the foreground. The trees are mixed, some evergreen, most deciduous with branches winter bare. The wunrise and clouds are seen through all except the evergreens.
Good Morning

My thoughts when I saw this were “While You Were Sleeping, a Damask Sky Unfurled”. That morning, I was out with my camera at daybreak when this damask sky appeared behind the house. I liked how it looked to me as if someone was shaking a translucent table cloth over the landscape, about to lay it down over the still sleeping landscape.

Have a wonderful Sunday, friends.

For the full size image of the photo and others, see the Landscape Photography gallery here.

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      1. Hey yes not a bad morning and yes I would have been asleep too . Now in Aussie land it is a little different lighting. I like it better when you cut a third off the top as those trees are magic too . Happy days Ellie.

        1. Thanks, Len I was wondering if I would hear from you, so it’s good to hear you’re still going strong. It’s the same sun, but of course different atmospheric conditions affect the light in such an interesting way making each area unique. Just look at the paintings of Gainsborough, Constable and even Turner with the light they found in Suffolk, which is apparently a unique phenomenon. Thanks again, say hi to Anne.

  1. I’m glad you weren’t sleeping when this damask sky put in an appearance, Ellie. What a way to start your day! Well done!

    1. Thank you, Linda, I’m glad you like it. We do get some lovely sunrises and sunsets here and they are a lot easier to catch when the days are shorter!

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