Evening Light on Quebec Village Spire

Church spire in the sun
Church spire in the sun

Why does it seem that the best sunsets are always seen in your rear view mirror? In some cases, a particularly lovely scene will go flashing by when you are on the highway with no way to stop safely. I was a passenger travelling from Quebec city on the way home in November, 2014 when I saw the setting sun casting a beautiful glow on the tops of the autumn trees in this village off to the side of the highway. My camera is usually in my lap when I travel anywhere, so I caught this with the beautiful golden light on that spire.


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  1. I’m womanfully trying to catch up with my life and have had the post announcing this on my “desk” to remind me to do so. The shot is so lovely, so well seen. And it’s a great reminder for me to have my camera at the ready ALL the time.

    1. I’m so glad to hear that you like it, Sandra! Thanks a lot for the comment. I haven’t been using my camera much lately though I do try to keep it with me… in case. In case of times like this!

  2. +Margaret Tompkins we had very few for Farm Friday so I had to do a hash tag search which worked, thankfully. My main post here went in with dead links except for the #, but when I edited it above it worked. So it's inconsistent.
    I had noticed it on other postings but thought people had made errors in their mentions.

  3. +Linda Jess thanks so much! The light was so special that evening. Sometimes it is…

    +Banafshe KH Yes, it was a really beautiful evening of colour and I was so glad I had my camera with me. Thank you Banafshe!

    +Roar Kjær Olsen – yes, I think I do make sense of this and I understand what you are saying. It's wonderful that we all see things differently because sometimes, if the viewer is open, that different vision can be shared and give a new perspective to others. I appreciate your thought process in this. Thank you, Roar.

  4. Many times I have asked the same question. Why is it that I sometimes see things that others do not perceive or see? As with your rearview mirror so I think we see it with the primitive part of the brain before the rational. The primitive part perceive the subject in a fraction of a second. Then two things happen, the picture goes from threatening to not threatening in the same faction, Some call it crocodile brain and defense is its nature before sending the non-threatening information to the rational part. And then, the image has become a composition.
    I tend to see the sky around the tower and is therefore a tower that emerges from heaven with all its halo of reflected sunlight. Foreground dark undertone give the tower lift up into the sky, and my mind's eye tells me that this is beautiful. And it's beautiful.
    Hope you make sence of this.
    (Ps My English is what it is, can only get better)


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