Find Joy Where You Can

Several pale mauve, pink and white asters are in the forefront of the photo, with out-of-focus ones behind. In the background is the wheel of a parked car.
Parking Lot Asters

It’s a day for a cheerful flower post, though admittedly out of season. Let this little patch of wild asters that have braved the odds to flourish at the edge of a parking lot be one spot of joy in your day, wherever you are, my friends. Why the car tire in the shot? Doesn’t this show the possiblity of finding beauty in the most unlikely places and how quickly the natural world reclaims a spot to start to spread and take over from the drab concrete around?

My flower gallery contains lots of beauty, if you want to see more floral joy.

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    1. I agree, Jim. We need to have a bit of colour, if it’s only in our feed! It won’t be long until the first crocuses appear… who am I kidding? But it will come.

  1. In the midst of extreme hardship in my life at this time, I’m amazed and blessed that I can still notice the beauty that surrounds me every day. I watched for 20 minutes as 4 deer scratched the snow in my yard to eat the grass underneath. It brought me some peace if only for a few minutes.

    1. What a blessing indeed that you can find some peace and comfort from the beauty around you. We’re so sorry to know you’re going through hard times and send love.

  2. The light’s gorgeous and spreads its joy all over the place! Love the colours, so very fresh and glorious!

  3. Any time is the right time for a party. And it looks to me that these asters certainly know how to have a good time. I’m right in there with them, face to the sun and swaying to the beat of the breeze. Thank you, Ellie , for brightening otherwise dull and dreary day.

  4. Je te retrouve Ellie avec la délicatesse que tu as de prendre ces fleurs sauvages, ces fleurs qui deviennent encore plus belles. Heureuse de te revoir. Bisous

  5. It is a lovely photo Ellie. I really appreciate the colour of those flowers. And you’re right it would be nice if the whole area was flowers and not concrete and pavement. Thanks again for sharing. Does brighten one’s day to see flowers blooming.

    1. One day, flowers will take over the world, Linda! I hope we’re there to see it. In the meantime we wait for the spring this year.
      Thank you.

    1. Well this was taken in November, I think. But I thought we could all do with a sight of these cheerful beauties.
      I hope you are both well.

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