Feast for a Bee-121/365

The magnolia tree is out in full bloom and the bees are busy gathering the pollen. They barely took any notice of me hovering over the blooms as they foraged between these anemone-like centres of the flowers. Take all you can carry, little bees, these flowers last only a very short time! (I wonder what magnolia honey might taste like?) The perfume is almost overpowering, with such a large tree so full of flowers.

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  1. Thanks a lot +Shelly Gunderson – I find that the short time we have them it's often windy and so hard to get a decent photograph in detail.

    Thank you +Mari Luukkonen – to get it sharp, I did not focus too close, as that would have reduced my depth of field a lot. I had to crop it, but had plenty of room to do so. 

    +Didier Misson – thank you very much.

    +Sumit Sen – I appreciate your comment a lot.

    Lovely expression, made me smile, +Gina Beck 

    Thanks a lot +Ray Bilcliff 

  2. It's a beautiful capture of the bee, but this isn't a #buggylunch ! Please could you read our About page which explains just what buggy lunch is about…. the clue is in the word lunch. Now if there was a crab spider in there eating the bee, that's be a buggy lunch. 🙂

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